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Marine Contracting Experience

From the transport of a Parker Drilling rig from Somalia to across the beach in southern Tanzania for AGIP in 1978 to handling of large volumes of bulk cargo for Tanga Cement, to the management and dedicated resource provision to Anadarko's ongoing drilling campaign offshore Kenya, Comarco has transported in excess of 7 million revenue tons of cargo using a combination of tugs, barges, landing craft, OSVs and conventional vessels to a multitude of customers.

Offshore, across beaches, and over quays throughout the entire eastern seaboard of Africa, Comarco has worked for a variety of independents, governmental and multinational companies including Amoco, Anadarko, Bawden, BG, BGP, Blocker, Chevron, Deutag, Geosource, Halliburton, Helmerich & Payne, Kuanta Construction, Leighton Offshore, Maurel & Prom, Maersk, Nabors Drilling, Occidental, PAE Shell, Schlumberger, Sonatrach, Songas, Statoil, Stefanutti, Tanga Cement, Unmiset, WFP amongst others.

Selected Marine Projects (Global)

Tanzania 2016

Songo Songo Island Jetty Rehabilitation

The project has been sanctioned by the Office of the Prime Minister in order to provide safe and reliable docking facilities for the island's fishing and passenger boats. The island has a relatively small population of not more than 1000 people; but it has significant importance to the economy of Tanzania ...

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Kenya 2016

Gantry Crane Assembly for Liebherr Crane Company

Comarco completed the crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes at the Comarco Supply Base. Comarco have been providing the personnel, lifting equipment and space required for fabrication as well as the barge and tugs needed to move the cranes from the Comarco Supply Base to the main Mombasa Port.

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Somalia 2015

Deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices in Somalia

Comarco has completed a contract for The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations for the deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices, commonly known as FADS, along the coastline of Somalia.

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Myanmar (Burma) 2015

Barge transport of Sub Station Equipment to Kanbauk and Dawei

Transportation by tug and barge of 1,680 shipping tons of power station equipment including heavy lifts from Ranong, Thailand, to Kanbauk and Dawei for Schenker Thailand. Ref.No: 0253

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Kenya 2014

Jubilee Hope - Heavy Lift

Tandem lift using 2 x Kobelco 250t lattice boom crawler cranes and specially commissioned rigging equipment, directly from the water onto a purpose built cradle mounted on a specialised heavy lift trailer. After water jetting, surface preparation and painting of the hull, she was transported to the Port of Mombasa on board barge Comarco 186. Ref.No: 0255

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Mozambique 2014

Anadarko Rig Move

Comarco successfully completes the transport and landing of the 17,000m3 H&P drilling rig and camp at Mocimboa da Praia, Mz: After mobilizing all vessels and equipment from Mombasa to MdP the rig was discharged from ship to barges using the ship's gear at the MdP anchorage. Ref.No: 0256

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Brazil 2014

Preparation of four Buoyance Support Riser (BSR) for account of Subsea7 and property of Petrobras

Provision of manpower, cranes and other equipment for the preparation of four Buoyance Support Risers (BSR), with storage management of all equipment and materials, riggers and craneage support for the installation of equipment, parts and pieces and test, for the final subsea installation of the BSRs, for account of Subsea7 and property of Petrobras. Ref.No: 0258

Kenya 2013

Geotechnical Survey

On 5th April 2013 KMC were awarded the contract to carry out the Geotechnical Survey for Katahira Engineers International in and around the Kilindini, Dongo Kundu and Miritini areas of Msa. There were a total of 41 BH'S with 862.1m drilled. Of the 41 BH's, 8 were over-water and 33 were roughly divided with half being within tidal areas and half on land. Ref.No: 0257

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Tanzania 2012

Demobilisation of Rig from Songo Songo to Mombasa

Provision of tugs, barges, landing craft, support vessels, cranes, personnel and supervision for demobilisation of Sakson Rig PR-5 from Songo Songo Island to Mombasa in July 2012 for account of PanAfrican Energy Tanzania. Ref.No: 0032

Myanmar (Burma) 2012

Transhipment and River Transport of uncoated steel pipe

Receive 25,000t of uncoated steel pipe in Batam, Indonesia. Transport by Ship to offshore Heinz Chaung, transship to cargo barge and deliver 15km up the Heinz Chaung river ashore in Kanbauk, for CPP. Ref.No: 0252

Brazil 2012

Logistic management of all pipes and materials for the GSNC Pipeline offshore construction

Transport, handling, storage and loading of around 80.000 tons of pipes and other materials for the supplying of the pipelay barge Polaris for the construction of the 180 km offshore pipeline GSNC for account of Subsea7 / Odebrecht and property of Petrobras. Ref.No: 0260

Brazil 2010

Logistic management of rock and gravel for the riverbed stabilization of Urucu-Manaus Pipeline

Provision of river barges, tugs, cranes and loading equipment. Procurement, transport, handling, storage and loading of around 45.000 tons of rocks and gravel for the supplying of the special rock installation vessel Tertness for the stabilization of the riverbed pipeline Urucu-Manaus located in the Amazon jungle area (Brazil), for account of VanOord and property of Petrobras. Ref.No: 0261

Mozambique 2009

H&P Oil Rig Move

The loading of a 4000T Dawn Class box carrier (Houston. TX) and trans-shipment via barge to the difficult to navigate shallow water port of Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique. Ref.No: 0001

Madagascar 2007

QMM Pontoon Heavy Lift

Trans-shipment of 160T mining pontoons from Tamatave - Fort Dauphin in Madagascar. Tandem lift required due to crane limitations in Tamatave port. Ref.No: 0002

Madagascar 2006

Seismic Camp

Load vehicles. TEU's and seismic camp equipment in Mombasa Kenya onto MVTorgelow. Discharge offshore near Majunga and trans-ship via landing craft to Katsepi and Namakia. Repair road and truck equipment inland to Analalava Camp. Ref.No: 0003

Thailand 2006

Tsunami Excavation

Beach Landing of excavation equipment and assist forensic teams in the careful removal of a sea wall demolished during the 2003 Asian Tsunami. Ref.No: 0004

Malaysia 2004

Pipe Haulage

Transportation of 255km of concrete coated pipe for TTM gas pipeline project in the gulf of Thailand. Pipe transported offshore alongside lay barge using 5X 400'OT DWT box shaped cargo vessels. Ref.No: 0005

East Timor 2000

United Nations

From 2000. to 2004. Transport urgent supplies of food, water, fuel and vehicles to various remote locations around the coast of East Timor by tug & barge. Vessels and crew also contracted for offshore stevedoring of APC'S (armored personnel carriers), supply trucks, and containers including dangerous goods. Ref.No: 0006

Madagascar 2000

Hunt Oil

Transport a total of 7,450 shipping tons of drilling rig, camp, rolling stock, chemicals and casing from Batam, Indonesia, to Majunga by m.v. CEC Mirage, land on to barges sent from Mombasa for that purpose, take to temporarily constructed beach head, land ashore and truck to location over access road constructed by subcontractor. For Parker Drilling Company contracted to Madagascar Hunt Oil Co. in July 2000. Ref.No: 0007

Indonesia 1994

Transportation and Towage

Transportation by tug and barge of 1,800 shipping tons drilling materials and third party equipment from Singapore and Batam plus towage of jack up and accommodation barges from Singapore to offshore East Kalimantan for Petrocorp. Ref.No: 0008

Myanmar (Burma) 1993

River Transportation by Tug & Barge

Transportation by tug and barge of 3,800 shipping tons of construction equipment and camp from Hmawbi to Singapore via Yangon for account PAE Ref.No: 0250

Somalia 1991

Transportation of 17,500 tons

Transportation by barges of 17,500 shipping tons of drilling rig, camp, construction equipment and materials from Andramasay Beach Madagascar to Brava Beach Somalia during the South West monsoon for Noble Drilling Co working for Amoco in 1991. Ref.No: 0009

Madagascar 1985

Complete marine logistical support

From 1985. to 1987.Complete marine logistical support to the Amoco exploratory drilling project in western Madagascar for 3 years. Oilfield equipment and materials transported by barge and landing craft across the beach during this period in excess of 100,000 tons. Ref.No: 0012

Tanzania 1980

Access & site preparation

Songo Songo project, site preparation consisting of clearing levelling and compacting drill site, camp site and storage site. Construction of access roads between sites. Construction of 15,000 square foot storage warehouse, construction of airstrip, construction of stone fill landing jetty for loads of up to 100 tons on account TPDC during 1980. Ref.No: 0014