Instant Ports Incorporated

Born out of a long established relationship between Thorco Shipping and COMARCO, Instant Portsʼ vision is to combine each of their strengths to offer a "one stop shop" solution in the field of remote logistics.

Sept 23rd 2014 - Houston TX

Instant Ports Incorporated

Eco Friendly Remote Port Solutions

With worldwide natural resources becoming more difficult to find and extract, oil and gas exploration has moved consistently to locations that are highly difficult to access. Thorco Shipping and Comarco have joined forces, combined assets and experience by forming Instant Ports Incorporated, based in Houston.

Instant Ports focus is to service the niche sector of oil, gas, energy and exploration companies that require quick-established, eco friendly beach landing sites, thus enabling delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world to specific remote locations, whatever the conditions.

"The ability to tap into a niche market and offer our clients risk mitigated, turn key solutions to deliver any cargo, anywhere, offers a huge advantage that has been missing in the shipping industry" says Philip Fay, Managing Director of Instant Ports.

Born out of a long established relationship between Thorco Shipping and COMARCO (Consolidated Marine Contractors), Instant Portsʼ vision is to combine each of their partnersʼ strengths to offer their clients a "one stop shop" solution in the field of remote logistics. An array of expert services offered by Instant Ports include remote site establishment, beach landings, heavy lift and transportation from conventional ports to the back of beyond delivery of any cargo along remote rivers or across exposed beaches.

Instant Ports has the unfledged support of its shareholder companies and access to a huge quantity of land and sea based assets.

About Comarco

Comarco, incorporated 42 years ago on the eastern seaboard of Africa, brings to the table a unique skill set developed during operations throughout the Indian Ocean as well South East Asia and South America.

Pioneering Spirit

Comarco & Thorco Shipping have been involved in several joint operations prior to consolidating forces under the banner of Instant Ports, the signature project being MOMA, Mozambique Phase 1 (2005) and MOMA Phase 2 (2011).

During the 3 year duration of the MOMA project, all the cargo required for set up and installation of the remote MOMA Titanium Mine was transshipped offshore. Arriving from various locations worldwide on Thorco vessels, the cargo was transshipped to cargo barges prior to delivery direct to site by Comarco across a purpose built removable beachhead capable of withstanding challenging swells, currents and weather.

Beaching in MOMA was extremely exposed and subject to consistent swells and so Comarco employed its Exposed Beach Operating System, known as EBOS, which had been developed by Comarco over the years operating on the exposed beaches of Madagascar and Somalia.

Beach Landing Solutions On Exposed Beaches

Due to the difficulties of operating in such exposed beaching locations, the EBOS™ system has proven time and again that the "unthinkable is possible". It is a system of deploying winched breasting lines either side of a barge with a 3rd winch to pull the loaded barge into the beaching position.

Beaching a 300ft loaded barge in a hostile environment is an achievement in itself: landing within an accuracy of a few feet, delivering out of gauge heavy pontoon cargo ashore safely, and extracting the barge from the location.

"To find a partner with the beach landing experience into hostile and exposed, difficult to operate environments is not easy and is a real feat of ingenuity, experience and perseverance. Comarco was the natural fit," explains Thomas Mikkelson, CEO of Thorco Shipping.

About Thorco Shipping

Thorco Shipping has also seen exponential growth in recent years. Commencing business in 2003 with four (4) vessels with a maximum deadweight of 6000mt and a single office in Denmark, Thorco now boasts a fleet of over 100 geared vessels from 5,400 - 19,592 deadweight and sixteen (16) well positioned worldwide offices.

"It is remarkable for a shipping company to dramatically expand at a time when the world was in the midst of a huge recession" highlights Peter Phillips, Executive Chairman of Comarco Group adding, "With our combined experience, Thorco Shipping was a superb fit for the joint venture".

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Latest News

January 2018.

Transporting oil field equipment from Mombasa to Kuwait for US company Swanberg International

The oil field equipment was stored, serviced and repaired at Comarco Supply Base EPZ, loaded across the private wharf and destined to work moving rigs in Kuwait.

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January 2017.

Assembling and installation of three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa

Comarco has been contracted by JGH Marine of Denmark to assemble and install three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa. The buoys were fabricated by JGH Marine to upgrade vessel mooring capacity for the Kenya Port Authority.

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December 2016.

Comarco to deliver 4,500 cbm of seismic equipment from Mombasa, Kenya to the Port of Berbera, Somaliland

Comarco received and consolidated all BGP cargo in the Supply Base, processed all export documentation, loaded, lashed and secured all equipment onto the flattop transport barge Comarco 233 and departed Mombasa, ahead of schedule, under the tow of tug Comarco Swift.

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December 2016.

Resolve and Comarco will be working in Quelimane, Mozambique

Comarco has been contracted by renowned salvage company Resolve Marine to provide resources, including tug Comarco Buzzard, heavy duty ballast barge Comarco 2801, 100t mobile crane, submersible pumps, generators, lighting sets and other salvage equipment.

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August 2016.

Kibarani Cargo Train Salvage

A train carrying mixed cargo de-railed whilst heading out of the Port of Mombasa to the Nairobi terminus, on the only bridge heading off the Mombasa Island onto the Mainland Kenya. Comarco did a tandem lift on all the carriages using the cranes simultaneously to spread the weight over the very narrow bridge section.

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June 2016.

Songo Song Island Jetty Project

The project has been sanctioned by the Office of the Prime Minister in order to provide safe and reliable docking facilities for the island's fishing and passenger boats.

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April 2016.

Crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes

Comarco completed the crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes at the Comarco Supply Base.

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March 2016.

Rehabilitation of Quay No 2 at Tanga, Tanzania

Comarco were awarded the contract by Tanzania Ports Authority for the rehabilitation, fendering and installation of cathodic protection to Quay No 2 at Tanga under a ‘Design and Build’ agreement.

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December 2015.

Deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices in Somalia

Comarco has recently completed a contract for The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations for the deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices along the coastline of Somalia.

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November 2015.

Discharge of the first 8,000t of rock to arrive win Reunion

Comarco has signed a contract to deliver rock and and aggregate between the Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar and Reunion as part of the offshore road construction project in Reunion, La Nouvelle Route Du Littoral.

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