Lake Victoria - ATN Installation

On 12th June 2014 Comarco were awarded the contract to plan, design, supply, install and commission new ATN at the several locations at Lake Victoria in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

June 2014 - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Lake Victoria Basin Commission

Aids to Navigation Installation

In the past years, there were approximately 30 lit and unlit Aids to Navigation but they have almost all disappeared. Today there are no “officially” sanctioned aids to marine navigation on Lake Victoria.

On 12th June 2014 Comarco were awarded the contract to plan, design, supply, install and commission new ATN at the following locations:


About Lake Victoria

Located at 1.134m above the sea level, Lake Victoria, with a surface of 20,000 square nautical miles, is the second largest lake in the world. It should be considered as a sea from the point of view of the safety of navigation. The equator crosses it and the length of its coast is about 2.000 nautical miles. It is shared between the three Member States of the EAC: to the North-East, 6 % of the surface belongs to Kenya, to the North and to the West, 43 % belongs to Uganda, and all the Southern part (51 %) belongs to Tanzania.

It includes many islands of which approximately 200 are inhabited. There are numerous vessels plying the lake, cargo, vehicle, rail and passenger ferries. Nevertheless fishing constitutes a significant economic resource as it is estimated the some 2 million receive income directly or indirectly from fishing. It follows that the fishermen are possibly the major navigators on the lake and that often times take greatest risk as some fish from no greater vessel than a canoe.

Three very big urban areas border the Lake: Kisumu which is the third largest city of Kenya, Entebbe/Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and Mwanza which is the second largest city of Tanzania.

Latest News

January 2018.

Transporting oil field equipment from Mombasa to Kuwait for US company Swanberg International

The oil field equipment was stored, serviced and repaired at Comarco Supply Base EPZ, loaded across the private wharf and destined to work moving rigs in Kuwait.

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January 2017.

Assembling and installation of three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa

Comarco has been contracted by JGH Marine of Denmark to assemble and install three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa. The buoys were fabricated by JGH Marine to upgrade vessel mooring capacity for the Kenya Port Authority.

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December 2016.

Comarco to deliver 4,500 cbm of seismic equipment from Mombasa, Kenya to the Port of Berbera, Somaliland

Comarco received and consolidated all BGP cargo in the Supply Base, processed all export documentation, loaded, lashed and secured all equipment onto the flattop transport barge Comarco 233 and departed Mombasa, ahead of schedule, under the tow of tug Comarco Swift.

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December 2016.

Resolve and Comarco will be working in Quelimane, Mozambique

Comarco has been contracted by renowned salvage company Resolve Marine to provide resources, including tug Comarco Buzzard, heavy duty ballast barge Comarco 2801, 100t mobile crane, submersible pumps, generators, lighting sets and other salvage equipment.

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August 2016.

Kibarani Cargo Train Salvage

A train carrying mixed cargo de-railed whilst heading out of the Port of Mombasa to the Nairobi terminus, on the only bridge heading off the Mombasa Island onto the Mainland Kenya. Comarco did a tandem lift on all the carriages using the cranes simultaneously to spread the weight over the very narrow bridge section.

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June 2016.

Songo Song Island Jetty Project

The project has been sanctioned by the Office of the Prime Minister in order to provide safe and reliable docking facilities for the island's fishing and passenger boats.

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April 2016.

Crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes

Comarco completed the crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes at the Comarco Supply Base.

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March 2016.

Rehabilitation of Quay No 2 at Tanga, Tanzania

Comarco were awarded the contract by Tanzania Ports Authority for the rehabilitation, fendering and installation of cathodic protection to Quay No 2 at Tanga under a ‘Design and Build’ agreement.

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December 2015.

Deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices in Somalia

Comarco has recently completed a contract for The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations for the deployment of 25 Fish Aggregating Devices along the coastline of Somalia.

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November 2015.

Discharge of the first 8,000t of rock to arrive win Reunion

Comarco has signed a contract to deliver rock and and aggregate between the Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar and Reunion as part of the offshore road construction project in Reunion, La Nouvelle Route Du Littoral.

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