Mombasa County Clean-up Day

June 2015.

Clean-up exercise was conducted by the HSE department in-conjunction with the CSR department to commemorate the World Environment Week that was being held by the Mombasa County Government; Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources.

The exercise was conducted on the 13th of June 2015. The main aim was to clean the Liwatoni road all the way from the Sacred Heart School roundabout to Liwatoni mosque and ending up at our main entrance gate. Amir Ali (CSR officer) and Mickey Nyabuto (HSE Superintendent) organized the exercise together with the Yard maintenance team led by the yard supervisor Ferdinand Omondi.

The county theme was “mji wetu, wajibu wetu” which translates to “our town, our responsibility”. Therefore we saw it befitting to participate as part of our social corporate responsibility.

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