Comarco do Brasil has received the Certification of Official Supplier of Petrobras (CRCC)

January 2015.

Comarco do Brasil has been working in Brazil for the past 7 years. Performing successfully with the logistic management of several projects:

  • Mexilhão Pipeline
  • Rock Dumping Manaus
  • Sul Norte Capixaba Pipeline
  • Buoyance Support Risers, among others

Comarco do Brasil's (formerly CPC do Brasil) quality performance work has been recognized by Petrobras that included the company in a selected list of its preferred suppliers.

A certificate such as this is important at this particular time, since Petrobras is undergoing a massive auditing process and several measures are being taken in order to avoid any wrong behaviors of its employees, clients and suppliers in the future.

One of the main actions of Petrobras is mainly to work with prequalified suppliers that have been passed through an evaluation, testing its Technical, Quality, Commercial and Accounting qualification, beside the irrevocable commitment to the Anti-Corruption Policy.

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