Songo Songo Island Jetty Rehabilitation

June 2015.

Comarco originally built the causeway at Songo Songo in 1980/81. 35 years later, it is being made into a permanent jetty.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Tanzania has commissioned Comarco Group to rehabilitate the Songo Songo Island Jetty. The work involves the widening of the existing 80m Songo Songo Causeway, the widening of the existing 30m jetty and the construction of a 20m jetty extension with precast concrete blocks. The jetty will be widened 1 meter on each side and it will be raised up to 4.85m elevation CD.

It also involves dredging of the jetty area and the placement of a rock armour breakwater 100m long as well as installing solar lights, bollards, hand-rails and fenders.

It is expected that the project will be completed within twelve months. Site prepping started on 22 February 2015 and the project is currently well on its way entering the third month (May) of work on this project on Songo Songo Island. 

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