Comarco Base is a privately owned harbour fronting yard

The Base totals 16.2 acres including over 40,000 m² of storage space, office space and facilities, crawler cranes, a marine engineering workshop and a 24 hour Operations Centre.

Comarco Supply Base

Comarco Base is a privately owned harbour fronting yard, which lies approximately 2 Km from Mombasa Port and 1 km from the city centre, by way of Moi Avenue, Tangana Road and Mikanjuni Road. Access to these roads is via the Southern Gate and over a recently refurbished bridge capable of handling load in excess of 65mt.

The Base totals 16.2 acres including over 40,000 m² of open storage, covered storage space, office space and facilities, mobile and crawler cranes up to 250 tonnes capacity, a marine engineering workshop and a 24 hour Operations Centre, which combine to provide a facility unequalled on the East Coast of Africa.

The area is secured by a perimeter industry spec ISPS compliant wall with razor/barbed wire topping and only accessible by land via two security gates each manned 24 hours a day by fully trained security personnel equipped with radio communications, panic buttons and VESP (Verification Entry Standard Procedures). Additional security personnel patrol the jetty area to control sea access.

By night the base is fully illuminated by a series of light sensitive high wattage sodium floodlights to facilitate 24 hour operations where required and to ensure that security is not compromised. A trained guard dog and their handler, together with two additional patrolmen complete the night security complement.

Export Processing Zone (EPZ)

The Comarco Base is a designated Export Processing Zone (EPZ), a facility which enables the customs and duty exempted importation and exportation of plant, equipment and materials, including, but not limited to, drilling rigs and associated plant, materials and equipment, construction plant and equipment and specialised project cargoes.

Water Supply

Fresh potable water supply from onsite well with a 250m³ tank situated on the main wharf for supply to vessels via a 4” pump capable of typical through put of 100m³/hr.

Onsite Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plant with triple stage pre-filter, mineral and U.V. treatment post R.O. able to produce 250lit/hr supplying all the base drinking water requirements including vessels.

Open Storage

Included in the open storage is a 5,000 m² pipe yard with concrete sills a further 5,000 m² of secure open storage with perimeter fencing and controlled access to the area.

Covered Storage

A 2,000 m² warehouse provides covered storage for weather sensitive materials.

There is also a 200 m² temperature controlled area suitable for storing materials sensitive to the high levels of humidity found on the Mombasa coast.


By virtue of our experience gained over many years in the industry, Comarco Supply Base is able to call upon, and provide a skilled and experienced workforce..


Plant & Equipment

The supply base equipment is dedicated to the facility and comprises certified cranes, forklifts, oilfield trucks as well as other plant and equipment which may be provided depending upon the customers requirements.

Private Wharf

The main sufferance wharf has a total length of 93m, with a minimum depth of 7.5 metres alongside draft and capable of handling ships of up to 130 metres LOA. The wharf has an extensive and direct frontage to Liwatoni Bay and the main commercial shipping channel, situated 1NM to the east of Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa, and is easily accessible by road and sea.

Comarco operates the wharf on a 24-hour basis and vessels may be loaded and discharged by experienced stevedores and winchmen as required.

Uniquely positioned on the main shipping channel in the Mombasa port area of Liwatoni.

Comarco Supply Base Milestones