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Trucks & Trailers

The combined haulage fleets of Comarco and Swanberg include standard prime movers, specialised oilfield trucks and heavy haulage trucks with trailers for moving loads from 10T up to 250T.

Prime Mover

450hp Scania 143

Prime Mover

360hp Beiben 4250

Prime Mover

350hp Mitsubishi Fuso


295hp Scania SBA111S



6 axles 48 wheels

249T THP/SL 6

4 axles 32 wheels

166T THP/SL 4

14 axles 56 wheels

150T Cometto Trailer

2 axles 8 wheels

35T Trabosa Flatbed

4 axles 16 wheels

60T Humpton Lowbed