Landing & Utility Crafts

Comarco owns a selection of utility craft ranging from fibreglass work boats, to crew transport vessels to robust steel hull catermeran craft for intertidal work.

Utility Craft

3550hp Comarco Pemba

Landing Craft

2400hp Comarco Palma

Support Vessel

2200hp Centurion

Landing Craft - Oil Tanker

1050hp Comarco Kestrel

Split Hopper Dredger

950hp KMC Pelican

Utility Craft

760hp Warthog

Utility Craft

320hp Haraka

Utility Craft

320hp Baraka

Motorized platform

170hp Pakka

Utility Craft

145hp Bongo

Fiber Safety Boat

50hp Usulama

Fiber Crew Boat

18hp Bata

SEWP - Self Elevating Work Platforms

Comarco has a number of work platforms of varying size mainly for site investigation and piling work able to operate in water depth of up to 18m and equipped to elevate manually or hydraulically.

Hydraulic / 430 sqm

150T Ngamia

Hydraulic / 333 sqm

150T Twiga

Manual / 45.6 sqm

7T Anna Nicole 2