Malcolm Graham-Wood interviewing Simon Phillips during Africa Oil Week 2019

05 October 2019

Malcolm Graham-Wood interviewing Simon Phillips, MD of Comarco Group, and future CEO of Agulhas Group Africa PLC, about listing to London Stock Exchange by means of a reverse takeover (RTO). The interview took place in Cape Town during Africa Oil Week 2019.

"By going on to the UK Stock Exchange we hope to be able to move away from a traditional family business model and become more corporatized, and to take advantage of our niche position in East Africa, which is extremely strategic in terms of port operations and also in connection with the up and coming Mozambique LNG Project."

"We decided it is probably not better to focus only on Oil and Gas as the sole customer, but rather to view Oil and Gas as a customer of the port ... in July this year we were granted full custom status to be able to import and export cargo."


"Obviously, we work hand in hand with Kenya Port Authority to ensure that we complement their activities and we don’t compete with them."

"The idea for us is to use the port in order to diversify our revenue stream. Ports, as we know, in East Africa, historically have been very good revenue generators."


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