Unpowered Vessels - Comarco Group

From small work platforms, cargo barges to flat top barges ...

Heavy Cargo Barge

Comarco 3652

Deadweight: 12,000 T

Flat Top Barge

Comarco 2801

Deadweight: 8,000 T

Flat Top Barge

Comarco 2401

Deadweight: 4,500 T

Flat Top Barge

Comarco 231

Deadweight: 3,300 T

Flat Top Barge

Comarco 233

Deadweight: 3,448 T

Hopper Barge

Comarco 271

Deadweight: 1,865 T

Hopper Barge

Comarco 272

Deadweight: 1,865 T

Flat Top Barge

Comarco 185

Deadweight: 1,801 T

Utility Barge

Comarco 50

Deadweight: 150 T

Utility Pontoon

Simba 1

Deadweight: 145 T

Jack Up


Deck Load: 108 T

Jack Up

Anna Nicole 2

Deck Load: 5 T

Powered Vessels


Comarco owns the largest fleet of tugs, AHTS's, OSVs and Utility Vessels in East and Southern Africa.

Landing & Utility Crafts

Comarco owns a selection of utility craft ranging from fibreglass work boat, self-propelled barges to crew transport vessels to robust steel hull catermeran craft for intertidal work.

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